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"Astrology is a way of helping you create a life that is purposeful, fulfilling and satisfying."

You may not hear statements like that too often so Id like to introduce you to another way of thinking about this very ancient science.

Since the 20th century many Astrologers have realized that Astrology was not about good' or 'bad fortune and predestined outcomes, but about understanding an energy pattern that connects everything. The emphasis shifted from fate to gaining insights, and using those insights to make informed choices - choices that align with these energy patterns rather than struggling against them.

In essence, Astrology is based on the fundamental concept that you were born for a reason, with specific purpose and with a goal of attaining a joyful life. It rests on the fact that each person has a unique astrological chart which can assist him or her successfully navigate through life.

As a professional Astrologer, its my job to help you gain understanding and assist you in your quest to live to your true potential. I love what I do and I'd be pleased to help you answer your most important questions.

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